by Luciano Ferrara

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This is my first self-released EP that I have been working on for about a year and a half.I hope you all enjoy it!


released September 8, 2013

All songs written by Luciano Ferrara
All songs mixed and mastered by Royce Thompson and Mike Kalajian
All songs recorded at Telegraph Recording
Album art photo credits to Jeremias Teran



all rights reserved


Luciano Ferrara Hopewell Junction, New York

My name is Luciano Ferrara. I have diabetes and I play acoustic in Luciano Ferrara. Please enjoy my music and have a great day. Thank you.

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Track Name: Low
When you feel so bad about yourself,how do you deal with all of this fake guilt?
Do you call yourself terrible names?Like its all your fault you give yourself all the blame
But I can relate

I know what its like to feel low,but I don't let it get me down anymore.
And I know that you feel low,but don't let it get you down anymore.

Do you feel the tide shift in your heart?Are you thinking about the dreaded self harm?
Its not your only option,so keep your spirits high.I swear that in time you'll find
Someone you relate to

(We can relate.We can relate)
Don't let yourself down.I'll keep your heart off of the ground.Don't stifle your voice,scream your thoughts out loud.Don't bottle it up,just let it out.
Track Name: Dear Carson [Feat.Andrew Olivo]
I'm out of stamps,out of luck;down to the last page of this crumpled up notebook.
Out of ink,out of faith,out of time for me to contemplate

How I could live without you.
I don't want to live without you.

Dear Carson,when can you come home.Its been three years now that I have slept alone.The nights grow so cold.I am getting old.I'm scared of being called a widower.

I'm giving up.I'm out of touch.Without you well,I don't have much
Except this house that's so fucking empty.My time is coming,but I've always been ready

To die.So I can be with you.
I will die,so I can be with you/

Dear Carson,I'm ready to come home.Its been fifteen years more I have slept alone.The nights were so cold.I've grown so damn old.I spent all these years as a widower.

I'm heading towards the light.Its growing so bright.I can almost see your face.I never forgot it.I feel lifted up,don;t let me fall back to Earth,underneath it all.

Dear Carson,I'm finally home.After eighteen years,I'll never sleep alone.The nights won't be cold.I've stopped getting old.No longer will I be a widower.
Track Name: Two Sides (To Every Story) [Feat.Joanna DeRosa]
If you'd sit down,just hear me out.No I won't leave until you listen.
Don't speak a word until you've heard all that I have to say.
I'm trying hard.You've gone too far.I'm done with you so say no more.
I've heard it all,so please just stop.I'm so tired of hearing you talk.

Please let me sing you,a song.
Before I have to,go home.

You said you loved me and I thought that it was true,so just let me get over you.
Because you tore my heart out even though you said "I didn't mean it."There's a hole in my chest.
I know what I said and I know what you did behind my back,but its okay because I forgive
All you've done,so do the same.I apologize.Let me ask you one thing
Track Name: Early February
I swore that I would stay away.I tried to keep myself at bay.
But there's something about you that draws me in.Its a little unfair but I'm not complaining.
I'm so enamored right now.Don't think I'm ready but I'll jump in anyhow.

Don't know what to say and I don't know how you'll react if I built the courage and begged for you back.
I know our situations not so ideal,but hey,you've got to admit it has so much appeal.

I spent the last year and a half so alone,just trying to fill this hole with people I've never let get close.
If we're a time bomb we will never know until we light the fuse and let it go.
We'll burn this town to the ground,leave destruction in our wake,but at the end of the day I know it was no mistake.

I fooled myself for so damn long,trying to prove its not you I want.
But I'm prepared to do whatever it takes,from now until forever if that's how long I have to wait.

You said it never worked out before,so why would it now?Because I think that I've finally figured it out.
A way to map out and avoid all our holes.We can still do this if you believe its so.

It was in early February that I knew it was true,that I would always love you.
Track Name: S.Y.S.
You were loved by so many that when you left we cried for so long.Even when you've been gone for awhile we will never forget your smile.
At the times that I miss you the most,I look up to the sky and imagine a rope that comes to the ground and lets you drop by.I stand there and look you right in the eye (and say)

It feels like I saw you just a moment ago.I swear to God that I can still see your ghost.
I know that you're watching me from up on the sky.I'll make you proud by the end of my life.

I am not a religious man.When I pray to God,I hope he understands that this isn't something that I normally do but I'd pray to anyone if I could see you.
To see your face,just as it was laughing and smiling just because those were the things that we liked to do.I fall to the ground and I scream to you.

Even though we can't see you right now,its not forever.