My Heart, My Anchor / Luciano Ferrara Split

by My Heart, My Anchor / Luciano Ferrara

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released March 17, 2015

Thanks to My Heart, My Anchor for collaborating with me on this, thanks to Toni D'Annibale, my band Cross Check, and all my friends and family out there.
'Partners In Crime' and 'Socrates' Recorded and Mixed by Roy Thompson and mastered by Mike Kalajian at Telegraph Recordings.
Album Artwork by Jess Ascone



all rights reserved


Luciano Ferrara Hopewell Junction, New York

My name is Luciano Ferrara. I have diabetes and I play acoustic in Luciano Ferrara. Please enjoy my music and have a great day. Thank you.

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Track Name: Luciano Ferrara - Partners In Crime
Frustrating white noise drowns out the voice in my head
And I can't help but notice that it sounds like every word you've ever said
Well this wasn't meant to be, but does that mean that we'll no longer be friends
You and I know that this moment was always our end

Cause you fly way to close to the sun and you're bound to get burned
Looking back on it now I find funny how the tables have turned
Because you held the cards but you dealt them all wrong. Will your eyes turn to water by the end of our song?
The words just weren't right and I hope that you're happy with the actions and consequences you call your life

Well a blood pact means nothing when you don't uphold your end of the deal
I can't tell you how to think but I can sure as hell tell you how I feel
Because I feel alone like you abandoned me in such a state
I guess partners in crime is just a bond that withers with age

My friend, my friend, where have you been? Was it easy to forget all the time we spent.
Track Name: Luciano Ferrara - Socrates
Well I'll learn as I listen close
How to save all I've come to know
Break the habits I should have long ago and hope that the change will show

Burned the bridge, brought the chapter to a close and treated better all of those
Who deserve it, cause I know you're worth the change and I won't let this chance go to waste

And when I couldn't keep up, I'm glad you weren't keeping score
We could have fallen apart. We could have tasted the floor.
But we just shed the dead weight. We let the conflict die
And I'll start listening better if it takes my whole life

Open my ears, shut my mouth. Hear what you're all about. Focus on your face and every last thing that you say.
Cause I could fall in love a thousand times with ever word and ever rhyme.
Hope and pray that you stay mine. Won't let this go a second time.

Silence is key; love may be free but I would pay an price to watch the seeds I planted bloom their way through soil and strife.
And I hope spring brings support for our growing life. I can't wait for you to see it with your own eyes.