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released May 4, 2018

All songs written and performed by Luciano Ferrara
Drums on 1, 2, 8 performed by Jared Garcia
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tristen Whitehead at Chamber Audio in FIshkill, NY
Artwork by Ilana Hope


all rights reserved



Luciano Ferrara and the Ensuing Disaster Albany, New York

Albany Folk Rock

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Track Name: Rose-Tinted Lenses
Expectation expended my energy
My blood bank is finally empty
I paid the steepest price
I am a victim of my own sacrifice

The war torn lands inside my head
Divided by the bare essential rules
Tethered roots have grown
And I can't let go
No, I can't let go

I can't let go
I bared my soul
Exchanged my virtues for my weight in gold

Is it worth these aching bones?
The ever spreading cracks in this lens of rose
The fire roars the smoke is smothering my throat
So while I wait for words to show
That I will be fine on my own
I've been tearing at the holes in my jeans
No one will ever know what this means to me
Track Name: Tightrope
Nature never waited up for me
Held my ground and my grip tight as can be
Starting losing traction and train of thought
So conflicted with what I've sought
The line is blurred, the tightrope is no longer taught [and I'm falling off]

My mind weighs a ton, too much to ever let me fly
Guess that's why I'm on the ground, I still haven't found out why
Should I trust my soul, my heart, my bones, my smarts? My ears, or my eyes?
Well I can't decide where my loyalty lies

What am I waiting on?
Can't find the line and if this is somewhere I should cross
Do I have the spine? Do I have the faith
To look myself right in the face and say
I know the path I'm on, and I know what I've been doing it all for?

Gotta fight the constant urge to lose my mind to madness
How am I expected to get back up when all these bad things keep on happening?
I have searched both far and wide only to find mirages, no signs
Guess I'll wonder for a little while

Nature is a cold mistress it seems
Don't have a grip; don't know if I ever did
It's time to take action, derail my train of thought, just this once
The line's still blurred, the tightrope has been cut
But I'm hanging on
Track Name: Bookworm
An escape and a crutch
Had my back when I needed a push
Saved my eyes from seeing the worst
Kept my brain safe from thinking those thoughts
The thief, the lover, the poet undercover
Every name I claimed to use had all been one li(f)e or another
Trades and barters, bards and kings, still no clue where to begin
Beg to comprehend what I'm going through, but I still can't find the manual
That's just my luck

Buried my sins in the page
Only way to outlast the pain
Just a bookworm, with no nerve, no spine or guts
So I let em' drag my name through the mud

But at least the dirt I can trust

To stay the same as it was
Now don't go shaking me up
Stable ground bound to erupt
Cause I can't face the face of the truth

All the change all the rules
Like you're doing your damnedest to scare me
Well it worked, I'm afraid, bred the fear in my brain
Every nerve in my body is burning
Bared my skin as the paper, I penned out the anger
Blood at the root of the writing
Well the contract I wrote, sealed by a blood oath
That I made with myself in that moment
Track Name: McKay Vs. Emerson
Does time ever pass the way it's supposed to, or do we just assume we'll live forever?
Is there a severed tether hiding in the weathered remains of the effort required versus the effort that I actually gave?
I can't be certain, but in retrospect, it seems, I did my best to reflect, but it's been a battle upstream
It's hard when you're lost and the stars have shut off and the stress starts to mount until you fall off the horse
But you claw and you bite because the fact still remains that beating the odds is why the odds were even made
Good luck kid, it's your funeral. Just don't let them lie to you and act like the dream was never doable
Cause they're dressed in their suits and they're armed with their rules, but art is your weapon now
Wield it wisely and have no doubts
It's all or nothing, son; doe or die. Are you in, or out?
Track Name: Subterfuge
Why can't it wait until I'm grown?
Yeah, all this weight, is stunting my growth.
And I can't take much more of this drought
I need the rain to come wash me out.

If I wake up and I'm miles from home, will I be sick or comfortable?
I contemplate the shape that I think this change will take but I don't know.
And I'm terrified by such decisions and I can't help but run and hide.
If it's time to face how I've been living, well, I guess there's no better time.
I see the way the world is changing and I don't want to get left behind.

I don't discredit my past mistakes,
No, I'm just saying it's the present that's at stake.
If I want a future, it's mine to make.
God, I hope I get it because I need change.

I settle for nothing less than dreams, cause failure's not an option to me.
When a passion quite as strong as this conflicts with my means to exist,
It's a juggling act that I'm bound to drop, but the ball's in motion and I can;'t stop.
So pedal to the metal; repeat, never settle. Cause knowing what you want is half the battle.
No more subterfuge. I guess I'll do the things I think I'm meant to.
Track Name: Elenchus
Take the words off of my tongue and play em' in my ear
Never heard myself think, oh what a thing to hear
There's no turning tail, I've been chasing mine for years
And if I turn back now I'm only feeding my fears

An underdog with no upperhand
How steep is too steep a sacrifice for my demands?
Though my feet may bleed, still I take the stand
And I swear, to no god will I repent
And to no god will I repent

And to your god, I won't repent

To no god will I repent
And to no land do I swear allegiance
And as I reflect on my arrogance
Suffice it to say, I've no regrets
I am a cause, hope I effect
And I swear that I know best
Track Name: Brambles
You told me "Be safe," I told you "I'm fine"
I trust in the world, I trust I'll survive
A moment of hesitation has never halted my mind
So I passed out on the lawn, drunker than I planned on ending up
Bleeding from my arms, where did these scratches even come from?
Did I wander through the woods?
Did I stumble in the dark?
Or am I right where I began, in my room, just writing stupid songs?

About how to move on
About how my confidence feels false
Is it that I feel I won't belong?
Or is it deeper? Do I fear I can't at all?

When everything seems wrong, where do you place your faults?
Better turn your back now, or risk getting caught
Will the brambles bleed you out, or will you shake em off?
Track Name: The Divide
Had a chat with my better half before he got away
Swore someday soon we'd be returned to full strength
But I sensed his pulse and he was lying through his teeth
Cause who understands deceit and dreams better than me?

Cause you caught me fleeing the scene
When you got the drop on me
So take the bad blood and the blame, pile it onto your own plate
Cause you;re hands are red, but mine are clean

Once close like brothers before the divide
I turned out to be the worst half, but I don't mind
Came upon a crossroads, took the one less traveled by
But I'm losing faith that the choice I made was right

So I cut and ran, began life on the road
Abandoning the frames I built from scratch; the ones I once held close
If I swear by separation or solitude, well I lied
Cause when night falls, although I made this bed, I've still nowhere to lie

Divide and conquer, conned me out of everything
Tear me open at the seams, find what really makes me tick
It's okay to not know what you're doing just yet
Just make the best with what you got and leave the rest in peace to rot
I don't know what to do next
It's okay I don't know yet

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